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Remembrances of the 9/11


Like many, I have listened to and viewed many of the remembrances for 9/11.  What a moving and inspiring day it was!

Two stories strongly resonated with me.  I didn’t know this first one.  Namely, the story of the all boats, ferries and barges responding to the SOS call to rescue people from Manhattan.  The photos of all the boats motoring toward Manhattan, with the view of the crumbled skyline, smoke pouring into the air … traveling as fast as they could toward the unknown.  What would they find as they got closer to shore?  Thanks to many people with courageous hearts and strong hands, 500,000 people were evacuated.  If I knew that story before, I had forgotten.

The other was a news story for this weekend.  American journalists interviewed villagers in Afghanistan about 9/11.  They showed them photos of the event … planes, towers, smoke, people dying … all of it.  The villagers knew nothing, yes, nothing of 9/11.  They had no understanding the American presence in their country had any connection with an attack on ours.

Overall, the day’s events left me feeling profoundly grateful to be an American.  Americans have a “can do” attitude that shines through in tough or challenging times.  We have a propensity to do “whatever it takes” in a crisis.  We also have the tendency to “hang in” over the long haul.  I love that about us!  With all of our goofy characteristics, we do live in “the home of the free, land of the brave.”


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