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AVSC raises $5 million!!

One third of the way there!

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AVSC 75th Anniversary Party

You may know one of the Honorees…!

Click here for tickets.

Honorees : Bob Beattie, Gretchen Bleiler, Dick Butera, Penney Evans Carruth, Andrew Doremus, Jeff Gorsuch & Family, Mike Maple, The Marolt Family, Marlene & Jim Mickey, Andy Mill, Tom Moore, David Stapleton, Hilda Verduzco, and the Aspen Skiing Company.


Winter Excitement in Aspen ….

Austrian wins World Cup slalom, as new American teen impresses

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Snowmass Mountain to Open This Saturday

Snowmass Mountain opens this Saturday!

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The 2011 National Sheepdog Finals comes to Carbondale, Colorado!

This six day event will include a food and craft fair as  well as competition for 225 pre-qualified dog and handler teams.  Only the best teams (from the U.S. and  Canada) make the cut to compete for over $40,000 in purse money and the title(s)  of 2011 National Sheepdog Champion and the 2011 National Nursery Champion  (younger dogs).  Seven hundred of Colorado’s  notorious range yearlings (sheep) will be gathered from high alpine meadows of  the Rocky Mountains and delivered to Strang Ranch the day before the  trial.  These sheep will levy the  necessary challenge to determine 2011 champions… Click here to read more.

Remembrances of the 9/11


Like many, I have listened to and viewed many of the remembrances for 9/11.  What a moving and inspiring day it was!

Two stories strongly resonated with me.  I didn’t know this first one.  Namely, the story of the all boats, ferries and barges responding to the SOS call to rescue people from Manhattan.  The photos of all the boats motoring toward Manhattan, with the view of the crumbled skyline, smoke pouring into the air … traveling as fast as they could toward the unknown.  What would they find as they got closer to shore?  Thanks to many people with courageous hearts and strong hands, 500,000 people were evacuated.  If I knew that story before, I had forgotten.

The other was a news story for this weekend.  American journalists interviewed villagers in Afghanistan about 9/11.  They showed them photos of the event … planes, towers, smoke, people dying … all of it.  The villagers knew nothing, yes, nothing of 9/11.  They had no understanding the American presence in their country had any connection with an attack on ours.

Overall, the day’s events left me feeling profoundly grateful to be an American.  Americans have a “can do” attitude that shines through in tough or challenging times.  We have a propensity to do “whatever it takes” in a crisis.  We also have the tendency to “hang in” over the long haul.  I love that about us!  With all of our goofy characteristics, we do live in “the home of the free, land of the brave.”


Classic men’s final at MotherLode in Aspen

The record crowd that spilled out of the bleachers at Aspen’s quaint Koch Lumber
Park on Monday was treated to a classic at the Classic.
An estimated 10,000 spectators followed the action over the holiday weekend,
MotherLode organizer Leon Fell said.
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JAS Labor Day Festival 2011

From Aspen Magazine 81611: The Aspen Dish

Aspen, Thurs. 1 September ‘11
Editors’ Picks:

Get in the Groove

Jim Horowitz riffs on this weekend’s JAS Labor Day Festival

Our favorite summer festival, the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival, is back. We touched base with Jim Horowitz, JAS’s founder and CEO, for the scoop:

Q What is different about this year’s festival?
A The biggest difference is the addition of a substantial electronica aspect. We have added a third stage in the village exclusively for DJs and made Friday a little later to complement this shift in music. We are excited to have Girl Talk playing on Friday night.

Q How is the Labor Day Festival different to JAS’s other festivals?
A The music generally leans towards a younger audience versus last year and it’s more of a party atmosphere than a straight listening concert compared to the June concert.

Q You are known as one of Aspen’s foodies: what food will you be eating?
A There’s always a great range of food—Asian, Thai, ribs, lobster rolls. And watch out for Suzie Jimenez (the next food network chef), Hikory House barbecue, Ajax Tavern, and Ghandi’s Indian. I’ll be eating it all! There will also be gourmet cuisine by Syzygy in the Patron Tent. I usually put some weight on over the festival!

Q Where do you get inspiration for the lineup?
A This is the 21st year of JAS and the 16th year of this particular festival, so we have a running hit list of artists. For this festival, we looked to New Orleans, Coachella, and Lollapalooza for inspiration; and equally other venues are influenced by JAS.

Q What band are you looking forward to most?
A I can’t play favorites! But I do suspect that people will love Sunday’s 3 o’clock, Fitz & the Tantrums, an up-and-coming retro-soul band. They have a great buzz nationally and internationally.

Q Where will you be partying afterward?
A The Big Night on Saturday night, of course. It will be onsite with tasty bites, an open bar, and continuous dancing until midnight. Tickets are $99.

Q This is JAS’s last summer festival. How will you get your music fix this winter?
A The winter jazz concerts at the Nell. We are hoping to expand from three weekends to five or six.

Q What’s the one thing you would like people to know about this festival that they don’t?
A If they’ve gone to the festival but missed the 3 o’clock opener they have missed out. Some of the best performances often open the show.

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Sun Salutations

Dorothy Atkins/Aspen Daily News

Yogis perform their practice outside of the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies Tuesday afternoon. The Aspen Yoga Society offers free, all-level yoga classes every Tuesday on the platforms by Hallam Lake.

USA Pro Cycling Challenge: History-making day in Aspen!

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge came roaring down Independence Pass, into Aspen at breath-taking speeds, a quick loop around town, with a final sprint down Main Street. That’s me in the upper right corner with Dannielle (who works with me at CLRE).  That’s Lance over on the left-hand corner as he watched the finish with his family.

The sprint photo shows George Hincapie just before the finish line with Tejay Van Garderen trying to catch him.  You can also see the podium with the winners of the various stage races.  How do you like the shot at the corner of Mill and Main Streets, with Aspen Mtn. in the background.

Word is out, the race is coming again next year at about the same time.

These are my photos, but my favorite:  Everyone took the day off to watch the races.  Really and truly, the phone did not ring.  A true community event!