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Realty Times – The Joys of Homeownership

I found this article pretty interesting.  Do you find joy in owning your home?

Realty Times – The Joys of Homeownership.


HINT for Buyers about Sellers in our market …

We have three types of Sellers in our market:

  • Willing – sellers who agree to showings, will look at offers, yet are holding out for the highest offer.  These sellers are reluctant to counter offers unless they are within range of an acceptable price.
  • Ready – sellers who are priced to sell (reflecting the 30% dip in value); will seriously consider offers and will definitely counter offers; may offer owner-  financing or other creative ideas for moving the property; will negotiate.
  • Anxious – sellers who “have to sell” … financial need is urgent.  They are priced near or at break-even point … or they may be in a short-sale situation. They have little room to negotiate.

How do you know which Seller is which?  A good, experienced broker becomes invaluable at this point.   Often times, an experienced broker knows the motivation before the property is shown. Once a buyer shows an interest, a good broker becomes a guide to understanding which type of Seller owns the property.  Remember, now is a great time to be a Buyer.

Please contact me today if you are ready, willing or anxious.